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Star Brite

Star Brite

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STAR BRITE is safe and economical to use, will not create residue on your bottles or in your washer AND will eventually remove even old residue from your washer.

STAR BRITE is non-hazardous, so it is safe for personnel. It’s non-foaming, so it can be used in high pressure washers.

STAR BRITE has a long tank life and no storage limitations, and our customers tell us it leaves the bottles “squeaky clean”.

To see STAR BRITE in action, check out Culligan-San Antonio and their Steelhead washer.

Find out just how much STAR BRITE to use in your washer with our TEST KIT.

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STAR BRITE is a spray wash compound designed to clean polycarbonate, PET, copolyester and PVC bottles in washers that subject the cleaning solution to extreme pressure or agitation. A unique surfactant package functions as a cleaner and foam suppressant in washers that create foam due to mechanical design.

STAR BRITE removes the ink applied by standard ink jet date coding equipment. The product contains no caustic or silicate since these materials can cause crazing of polycarbonate, PET and PVC bottles. This crazing gives the bottle a hazy appearance and significantly reduces its useful life.

Bottles cleaned with STAR BRITE have approximately three times the life of bottles washed with caustic solutions. An added benefit of the absence of caustic and silicate is that a white, and powdery residue will not form on washer walls, clog spray nozzles or pumps.

STAR BRITE has excellent rinsing properties that carry throughout the cleaning process, allowing water to sheet evenly off the bottles. This sheeting action leaves the bottles sparkling with a good appearance when filled. STAR BRITE‘s ability to rinse off quickly and completely significantly reduces drag out or carryover into the final stages of the washer.

STAR SOLUTIONS, INC. has designed STAR BRITE for use in a spray washer, dip tank, or by swabbing or brushing. Recommended concentration for a spray washer is 1 to 2% by volume with water at 120°F to 140°F. Recommended concentration for a dip tank, swab, or brush cleaning application is 2.0 to 4.0% by volume with water. Cleaning with STAR BRITE should be followed by a potable water rinse and a sanitizing rinse.

3 reviews for Star Brite

  1. J. Scott Hunting

    Doing business with Star Solutions is seamless and in all the years, this product has always exceeded expectations. It’s a great feeling that when you fire up the washer, you know Star Brite is going to work. It helps us achieve our goals in delivering great water in clean bottles to our customers. I highly recommend this product and this company.

    -Scott Hunting
    Owner, Water Conditioning of the Tri-Cities
    Kennewick, WA
    phone: 509-586-1174

  2. Dusty Dowdy

    We have been utilizing Star Brite in our wash process for over 25 years now, and it has always been a reliable and effective product. In addition to the quality of their offerings, Velma and the staff at Star Solutions are also top-quality people! We cherish our relationship with Star Solutions and count it a privilege to do business with them.

    Dusty Dowdy
    General Manager
    Camp Holly Springs, Inc.
    (804) 795-2096

  3. Matt Alexander

    After using the same soap solution from one of the “Big Guys” in our water bottling plant for more the 10 years our production team was reluctant to try something else. However, with another price increase on the horizon, management was ready to look for alternatives. We heard some good things about Star Brite from Star Solutions so we got 10 gallons to try. We were amazed with the test. Our 5 gallon bottles, both the Poly-Carb and the PET, look clearer, brighter and cleaner than they have since they were new.
    With expert help from Star Solutions support team we quickly got the correct dilution dialed in and we are using Star-Brite full time. Our carry-over tests are perfect and our daily, weekly and monthly cleaning times are cut significantly. The white residue that we had grown used to seeing on (and scrubbing off of) the bottles and the machine is gone.
    If anyone is looking for an alternative to the “Big Guys” I highly recommend giving Star Solutions a call. They provide better service, better tech support and a superior product, all at a substantial cost savings. Star-Brite may be the best production change we have made in years.” – Jim Rankin, Facilities Supervisor, Purchasing Manager, Culligan Water, Columbia MO 65202

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