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Scale Brite

Scale Brite

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SCALE BRITE removes calcium, magnesium and silicate scale from your washer, while taking off rust and adjusting the pH in your water.


SCALE BRITE is a phosphoric and mineral acid-based cleaner, rust and hard water scale remover. Use it to remove hard water scale from washers. SCALE BRITE is also an alkaline pH adjuster. This material is low fuming and economical to use.

Equipment: Apply SCALE BRITE manually with a brush, through spray equipment or in a dip tank operation.

Heavy duty cleaning: One gallon of SCALE BRITE to five gallons of water.

Medium to light duty cleaning: One gallon of SCALE BRITE to ten gallons of water.

Alkaline pH adjustment: Slowly add SCALE BRITE in one-half increments to neutralize solution. Check pH after ten minutes of mixing. Add more product as needed.

1 review for Scale Brite

  1. Charles Lubeck

    We have been using Scale Brite for quite some time now. We sell a lot of spring water and it tends to build up with calcium in our rental coolers. The Scale Brite works wonders in those hard to reach waterways. I would recommend using Scale Brite to anyone who is having the same issues.

    Charles Lubeck
    Water Event — Carrollton, TX

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