Q: How much STAR BRITE is in my washer?
A: Determine the percent by volume by using the STAR BRITE Test Kit. Each drop that creates a color change is equal to a % by volume with water. See our Test Kit here and order yours today. [Using STAR BRITE2? We have a Test Kit for that as well.]

Q: What’s all the white stuff coming out of my washer?
A: That ‘white stuff’ is old caustic or silicate scale build-up and STAR BRITE is removing it from your washer, nozzles and pumps. Get more info here.

Q: What’s the percent (%) by volume to water of ALL BRITE?
A: Hand cleaning: Mix at 5% to 20% by volume with water … Automatic scrubbers: Meter in at 2% to 7% by volume with water … Heavy duty cleaning: 10% to 25% by volume with water … Steam units, ultrasonic units, and pressure washers: 3% to 10% by volume with water. See more on our ALL BRITE page.

Q: Will STAR BRITE work with my current washer and bottles?
A: If your bottle washer uses extreme pressure or agitation, then YES, STAR BRITE will work. Also, if you are cleaning polycarbonate, PET or PVC bottles, STAR BRITE will work. Find out more at our STAR BRITE page.

Q: What size is the container of STAR BRITE?
A: All our products, including STAR BRITE, are packaged in 5 gallon and 55 gallon new containers.

Q: Where do your Cleaning Compounds work best in my facility?
A: Our handy PRODUCT USE GUIDE shows the recommended use for all 4 of our Cleaning Compounds.